site-specific media creations and interactive experiences at the intersection of creative coding, motion graphics and architecture



We have been awarded a very exciting scope of work for the Robots 2.0 exhibit at The Tech in San Jose. As paprt of the Robots 2.0 exhibit, young visitors will be able to build custom robots and utilize a multi-touch table with object tracking to create a custom behavior or program for their creations.


We have been awarded a large scope of work at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This scope of work includes the design and production of 13 unique media experiences. We are excited to collaborate with RAA on this project.


Circle of Fifths multi-touch table hardware is on site. Development is kicking off this month. images


Monomes user testing was a success. The first monome project for the studio. Sounds great and is a lot of fun.


Subcycle Labs Blip Shaper on Create Digital Music. Peter Kirn had some really interesting things to say about the new build.


Verizon App Wall on Engadget at the opening of the Verizon Innovation Center West in San Francisco.


Working with Osmosis to concept/design/develop an interactive window experience for Hermès on Madison Avenue.


The Subcycle Labs touchscreen project to be performed and demoed at the Open Space event that is part of the Beam Festival in London on the 24th of June.


Process Graphic

Thinking outside of the rectangular confines of the computer display allows us to integrate content-rich media experiences with the environment in exciting new ways.

The more crossover between the creative and technical asspects of the design process the better. This crossover is accomplished this by introducing prototyping, creative coding and hardware emulation exercises.

The design/development process can be broken down the following phases:

01 concept
02 experience design
03 visual design
04 development

A strong foundation of great design is essential to building a meaningful and lasting interactive experience. Taking the time to develop a solid understanding of the relationship between the content, hardware configuration and spatial context is an extremely important part of this process. read more

case study

Bringing Form to Financial Data at the Russell Investments Center

We were tasked to design and develop a series of data visualizations to be rendered in real-time on three different forty foot video walls located in the core of the Russell Financial Ceter in downtown Seattle. Russell Demo

We developed four distinct visualizations that represent specific views or perspecitives on real-time financial data. The data represented here is updated every twenty seconds. read more